Personal Coaching

         Much has been made in recent years about the difference between counseling and coaching.  It has been said that counseling is oriented toward the past and present; coaching toward the present and future.  My approach to personal coaching is much the same as my counseling work:  positive, strengths-based, and action-oriented.  Common goals for personal coaching include career decisions, workplace strategies, resolution of relationship conflict, adult dating choices, lifestyle changes (e.g., diet and exercise), time management, etc.  Together we can decide which approach--counseling or coaching--best meets your needs. 

Parent Coaching

            Kids, big and small, are great, aren’t they?  They can be so wonderful, so sweet, so much fun; they add such richness to our lives; they can give us so much pride; and to some of us, a life without raising children is unimaginable.  But, what parent doesn’t experience times of anger, frustration, doubt, or discouragement with their kids?  Parenting is, after all, one of the most rewarding, but one of the most difficult, choices in life.  And when things become challenging, whether it’s a little challenging or seriously challenging, it can be hard to know how to respond. 

​          Is my child having a problem, or is this one of the normal bumps and bruise of childhood?  Should I be more of a disciplinarian—or less?  Am I doing the right things as a parent?  Are there more things, or different things I could be doing?  How do I know what are the right things to do—for my particular child?  Whose advice should I listen to?  What if my husband or wife disagrees?  Is my child normal?  Does my child need therapy?  Do I?  How can I guide my child? 

          Parent coaching can help.  Parent coaching is a positively-focused, skills-based, individualized process that allows you to discuss, in a private setting, your specific concerns about your child.  You receive the professional and experienced guidance and follow-up that helps you build your own positive relationship with your child.  

          Think parenting lasts for 18 years?  As the parent of two delightful adults, I can assure you that one never stops being a parent!  I have helped many parents of adults forge positive and rewarding relationships with their young (and not so young) adult children.  

          As a licensed counselor and family therapist, I am usually able to bill insurance for assistance I provide to parents.  I will be happy to discuss this possibility with you when we meet.  

Divorce Coaching

          The decision to divorce is a painful and difficult one, but one that is sometimes necessary.  The manner in which a couple goes about a divorce has repercussions for a lifetime, especially when children are involved.  My divorce coaching work is designed to assist individuals, couples, and families who need to divorce to do so in a manner that is reasonable, respectful, and dignified, and that maximizes the opportunities for all involved, including the children, to carry on their lives with optimism and emotional health.  As necessary, I work with local divorce attorneys who share my perspective and I am certified as a Mental Health Professional for Collaborative Divorce. 

Family Business Coaching
          The family in the business and the business in the family…. My family business work focuses on helping business-owning families be their best. I have been an invited speaker to Cleveland’s COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises), Kent State University’s Ohio Employee Ownership Center, two of Family Firm Institute’s International Conventions (Toronto and Dallas), Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, and other enterprises.  
         Whether it is the relationship aspects of succession planning, or family issues interfering with business prosperity, I help these unique families cultivate shared vision and action for both family and business success.